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21 June 2018

BSC Group, a Naxicap Partners investment, is changing its name to become KODEN. French leader in the sale and financing of printing, document management, IT and communications solutions, with revenue of €170m in 2017, KODEN houses the entities previously known as DESK and NetMakers. At the same time, Naxicap Partners has piloted an operation to…

After three years as majority shareholder of 2RH (brands: Shark, Bering, Segura, Bagster, and Cairn),Naxicap Partners continues to support the Group for a new phase of growth.

Naxicap Partners, an affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers*, will become the new majority shareholder of TEUFEL following the exit of Hg and, in partnership with its existing management led by Sascha Mallah and Joachim Wimmers, plans a new phase of growth for the company.

Naxicap Partners seeks to keep a growth capital tropism in its investments, focusing on growing companies or companies with significant build-up perspectives.
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Specialized in the financing of small to mid-sized companies, Naxicap Partners is a growing company. Over the past 15 years, the assets under management has been multiplied by 15.
We invest in equity in ambitious companies:
  • Active on market sectors and with underlying dynamics we fully apprehend;
  • Headed by an involved management team, with an entreprenarial spirit and guided by a long term vision of their company strategy.
Our goal is to deliver a strong performance to our investors, over time, with regularity and resilience especially during cyclical troughs.
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Key markets
  • Most of our investments are based in France
  • We are also expanding our platform outside France, in Benelux, Germany and Spain, representing 25% of our investments
A long-term partner
  • Over the past 15 years, Naxicap has expanded its minority growth capital strategy focusing on minority stakes to become a leveraged buyout player focusing on controlling majority stakes, which represent today 80% of our investments
  • Our investment strategy is to be focused on ambitious companies, operating in sectors in which we understand both the issues and the dynamics of the underlying elements
Investment strategy
  • We invest in growing companies, preferably with a BtoB model, with involved and entrepreneurial management teams guided by a long-term view of their business strategy
  • We use leverage with caution and look for performance through growth