Our Convictions

Naxicap Partners is strongly committed to a responsible activity of the companies in which it invests. We believe that encouraging sustainable development of our companies has a real positive impact on our portfolio and generates long-term value.

ESG is about real commitment. In line with the values of Naxicap, we seek to develop our portfolio companies by accompanying them with concrete ideas and development strategies. That is why, together with our portfolio companies, we implement a committed approach helping to sustain and enhance responsible initiatives. We aim at reducing operational risks and support actions making for balanced governance.

We wish to contribute to reducing environmental impact, stimulating innovation and creativity as well as ensuring fair social conditions. We are deeply convinced that the accumulation of these processes and collaborations has a genuine positive impact on our companies’ performances.

Naxicap is determined to be a responsible actor. In this context, we cannot ignore the environmental impact of our actions and our professional practices. We are also convinced that implementing a pragmatic ESG approach is a factor for future value creation. Balanced and transparent governance bodies contribute to reduced risk. Fair social conditions, dialogue with stakeholders (suppliers, customers ...) are important factors for the efficiency of organizations in the long run.
CEO Naxicap Partners

Our commitments

Principles for Responsible Investment
The signature of the PRI in January 2016 marks Naxicap’s commitment to monitor and encourage responsible actions of the companies in which it invests.
Initiative Climate 2020
In order to contribute to the COP21 objective of limiting global warming to two degrees Celsius, Naxicap signed the IC20 in October 2016.
Article 173
Article 173 of the French Energy Transition Law marks a turning point in ESG and climate reporting for Investors.

Naxicap’s Charter

We undertake to...

Naxicap’s Investments

Make investments compliant with our values

Examine ESG criteria before investing in a company

Monitor and support our portfolio’s ESG initiatives from investment to exit

Naxicap’s Investors

Report our ESG actions transparently to our LPs

Within Naxicap

Offer our associates the best possible work environment

Be law compliant, internally well controlled and to limit risks

Outside Naxicap

Promote responsible investment within our profession

Support initiatives related to economic progress, our know-how and our values


For more information regarding the consideration of ESG criteria into the investment process and within the management company, see Naxicap’s ESG Policy.